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Season ESJ-KoncreetWalls GT3 2014
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SLS v.1.15
Join Championships. Make teams. 2013-06-04 16:14
Here is a quick starter on how to join championships.
When you have registered and activated, you click on DRIVERS, EDIT DATA, SEASONS, and join available seasons by clicking EDIT on the series you fancy. Choose class, choose car and remember to type in your nickname for that game. Easy? Very.

Now you want to make a team? Or join one that you are in?
Click TEAMS, MANAGE and create one. If you are a TEAM OWNER, remember to send an invitation to racers. They will be available for you at the bottom of that menu. ONLY DRIVERS REGISTERED FOR THE LEAGUE YOU ENTER YOUR TEAM IN WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR YOU TO INVITE.

If you await an invitation for a team, check TEAMS; INVITATIONS. Easy?, Do you want to know more(Terrible Starship Troopers line)

What do I need to race?

1.I need a series to participate in (Hey there are some available)
2.I need a car to race with. (Wow, cars to choose from)
3.That car could use some paint unless I want to use default paint (No, you have to do this one yourself)
4.I should probably sign for a team. (Hmmmmm, I have an invite, or wait, I want to make my own team here and invite others)

G.O.D of rFactor
Cato Larsen
Cato Larsen
Welcome to our new Results and Drivers System 2013-05-31 07:22
Hi and welcome.

It has been a loooong wanting. But we now have a new home for our drivers database.
Think of this as the new GPCOS for you that where around when Simjunkies used that system.
This one is similar in use and will keep all info about you in different sims we use. It supports them all.

For now I just want to welcome you in and hope you take a look around at your options available to you.
Make a team perhaps? Configure your profile?
If there is any questions about this, please let me know by PM in the forum, or when we open a thread about this, you can post there.

G.O.D of rFactor
Cato Larsen
Cato Larsen
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